Need to reinstall Windows on Vista PC

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Re: Need to reinstall Windows on Vista PC

If you have a legally obtained license key for Vista, you should be able to install Vista from a borrowed install disk, using its license key for the install, then before activation change the key to your license key.. (I have done this with Xp pro and Windows 7, so you should be able to do it with Vista).

For one of the Windows 7 installations I had to make a phone call to MS 1-800 number to get it sorted when it would not activate (that took a total of 5 minutes). I just had to explain what I was doing..  It all went smoothly.

I have 7 computers running windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (all with their own license key) and all of them were installed with the same home-burned copy of Windows 7.  All done with the license keys that came on the individual computer.

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