Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

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Re: Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

mike geier wrote:

I think you miss the point guys, sharpness is not a concept, its an actual fact. When one lens is sharper than another, it is clearly a sharper (better) lens,

Sorry but you are wrong here. When comparing two lenses at different foacal lenth the sharpness can be different.

easely said:when you want a30mm lens the Sigma the better lens, when you want a 50mm lens the Sony is better. When you want/need a F1.8 lens, the Sony is the better one

Comparing lenses at different appertures is completely wrong. I could do the same test with both lenses, one at F 1.8 the other at F 2.8 but under conditions that need a F 1.8 lens, then I can tell the 1.8 lens delivers way better picrtures...

Further more sharpness in the extreme corners is not all that makes the quaity of the lens. You still have things like contrast, color rendering, bokeh etc. Then, looking at the differences when both lenses at F2.8 then I notice that these are very small, so it might not be visible in real life pictures and then the OSS and th F1.8 can make the Sony the better lens

PERIOD. Justifying the differences is BS, sharper IS sharper.

But wich lens is sharper in the centre? This tester tells us they are about the same. lets see what a professional test site tells us:

We look at F2.8 for both lenses: Sigma: ca 2750 LW/PH and Sony 3103! at 1.8: 2918

And when I compare the results of professional tests and look at the sharpness at the border of both lenses I see the Next results for LW/PH for both the Sigma and the Sony:

Sigma @ 2.8 border: <2000 
Sony @ 2.8 border: 2630, extreme: 2023 @ 1.8 the results are: border 1789 extreme 1405

The sigma testing came from slrlensreview
And the sony testing came from: photozone

I personaly think these are to very fine lenses for different jobs. The Sigma is dirt cheap and sharp, TheSony has OSS and F1.8 and is sharp

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