What percentage Of the times you use your V1,do you use the EVF on V1?

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Re: i bought a j1 a few months ago...and just bought a v1!

johnparas11zenfoliodotcom wrote:

richard cohen wrote:

my wife has expressed interest in the j1 and the price for the v1 kit was irresistible, so now i have both! i will say this--nikon's decision not to put an oboard flash on the v1 was incredibly stupid and probably cost them a lot of sales..and if you look at the used market, one of the reasons the v1 has tumbled in price even more than the j1, although both have collapsed.

i will use the v1 for a while and i think i'll use the evf about 100% of the time, if not more. if the lack of flash becomes a deal breaker (the kit does have the flash but i won't take it with me on hikes/mtn bike rides), i'll sell it and wait for the v2 to get down to $400 or so, which it will.

these cameras have to compete not only with lower end dslr's but also higher end p&s...the v2 at 800 is just silly imo, and it won't stay there.

i am waiting for the V2 to come down to $399 as well in the mean time, the J1 is just fine for me at this time..
I wished the V1 had a small flash.. they could have centered the EVF and then a pop up flash on the left like the J1

I have also wondered about why the V1 did not have the same built in popup flash as the J1. I have concluded that the focal plane mechanical shutter mechanism must be in the space where the J1 flash retracts into.

That said, I really like my V1 and use it 100% of the time with the LCD display off using the EVF only.

My main ongoing critique of the V1/V2 and the J1/J2 is the lack of a standard hot shoe, either an adapter for the V1/V2 or built in to the J1/J2. The V1/V2 cold shoe is a very good mount for the GPS or the microphone, but the contacts are there for the flash so why not a hot shoe.

I second all the calls for in camera control of standard Nikon flash units or for a radio flash trigger in a hot shoe.

Now if the J1/J2 had a hot/cold shoe, then I could attach an accessory optical viewfinder. My 28mm voightlander viewfinder would be perfect for the 10mm lens.

I would very much like to see Nikon add a shoe and a EVF/accessory port in the next revision of the J series. An EVF like the Sony or Olympus would make the J series a much more adaptable camera.

Just to be fair, I think the EOS-M is crippled by the lack of EVF. I have written the same about the Pentax Q and K-01.

I own a V1 because of the integrated EVF and fast AF.

Note that the Sony RX1 has an accessory EVF. So do the Panasonic LX5/7, Olympus XZ1/2, Ricoh GX100/200 and GXR as well as the Sony NEX 5n/5R,F3 and all of the Olympus Pens except for the original E-P1.

An EVF make the camera function better in bright light outside. An accessory EVF is a wonderful idea because the manufacturer can cut initial costs and the customer can choose to buy it only when it is needed.

Without an EVF, live view composition seems to work well in the studio, on a tripod or copystand, especially with an articulating LCD.

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