Need Help with 7D focusing problem...............

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Re: Need Help with 7D focusing problem...............


Have a Canon 7D and do photography for a AHL hockey team. Been doing it for 3 years now but something has changed with my focusing. I don't know if I've accidentally changed a setting or what but I'm not getting the sharp focus I did in the past. Can anybody help me with this, maybe suggest some settings. I'm shooting with a 70/200mm lens f2.8, shutter speed of 800, ISO 1250, auto select 19 point AF, Evaluative metering in AI Servo. Never had any problems in that past but for some reason pictures just aren't as sharp as they once were. Please help! Thanks!

  1. You didn't post any photo/example. When pixel peeping at 100%, is there anything that is sharp? Many not be what you want but sharp nonetheless.
  2. With AI Servo, the AF assumes that the subject is moving:
    • If the subject is static, the AF immediately starts tracking the movements. However, the AF realizes that the subject is not moving and corrects itself to finally achieve focus. Which is why, often the first photo is out-of-focus and the others are in-focus.
    • If the subject is moving, the AF will immediately start tracking the movements.
  3. The AF looks for high contrast within the sensor positions and will focus on the nearest one. Is this what you want?
  4. With the new firmware 2.x, Canon has done some "tweaking" and many people have reported improvements to the AF. I personally agree but I haven't done any testing, just my experience.
  5. With the new firmware 2.x many people have reported that they had to redo the micro-focus adjustment, including me. Mine changed significantly.
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