Convert Stock Wrist Strap To An Adjustable Wrist Strap

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Re: Convert Stock Wrist Strap To An Adjustable Wrist Strap

rrockley wrote:

What's an "automotive vacuum line"?

All cars, pickups, etc. uses vacuum lines.  It is made of neoprene material, a synthetic rubber material, that is resistant to oil and gas.  I needed something that was soft and would expand slightly and this was what I had on hand.  Any automotive parts store will have it.  The size I had on hand (5/16" O.D. x 3/16" I. D) had the right inside diameter so when it was slid up and down on the strap it wouldn't slip or move by itself.  Works great and will not move unless you move it.  For me, the strap is too loose without some sort of adjustment and I almost dropped my RX100 even thou I had the strap on my wrist.  Right then I knew I needed a strap that could adjusted so it would not slip.  Since a strap comes with the camera, all that is needed is something like this.  Only cost pennies for the mod to the strap.

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