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rovingtim wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

But I'm truly impressed by the EM5, and think Olympus would be foolish not to release an E7 and E700 based on the same sensor (or even next-gen sensor) that's in the EM5.

Why would they be foolish? From an accounting point of view, it would be suicidal. The 4/3rds customer base is (unprovably) tiny. If it had come out in 2007 (in a half decent body) there would have been possibilities.

While it's not impossible, I personally think the possibility is infinitesimally small that such a thing will occur.

On the plus side, they are working hard at trying to figure out how to make m4/3rds properly work with 4/3rds lenses.

The reason Olympus would be foolish not to release an E7 and E700 with an EM5 sensor (or better sensor) is due to the number of people with 4/3 lenses, which still do not work as well on mFT bodies as they do 4/3 DSLRs.

Many of these people are moving to other systems, rather than mFT.  So, if Olympus gave them one more generation of DSLRs before the mFT bodies were just as good with those lenses as the DSLRs, they would keep a larger base of their customers.

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