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Re: Einstein firmware update question

Thanks Shaq, I will give that a try.


shacharm wrote:


I've upgraded my E640's a few weeks ago, and ran into a similar issue. The problem is the microSD card sometimes doesn't lock down all the way in the slot. After a few attempts (using a pen tip) I was able to push it in enough to lock. The flash recognized the card at that time and the upgrade was completed with no issues. Taking the card out again required the object pushed into the slot to click the card in.

Hope this helps.


Carl S wrote:

Has anyone had trouble updating their Einstein to version 30? I had Buff's customer support send me a pre-loaded micro SD card with firmware version 30 (nice of them). I followed the instructions exactly, inserting the card with the gold contacts face down and facing the rear of the Einstein. When I plug the cord in, before turning the unit on, nothing happens. The screen does not turn white and start flickering like it is supposed to do. I tried this on both of my Einstein units and the same thing happens.

Today I purchased a micro SD card reader and downloaded the firmware update thinking the original file was corrupt but the same thing happens, the Einsteins do not recognize anything being on the cards and the files are ON the card. I called Buff after the first try with the pre-loaded firmware and their software guy said to try turning the unit on and going to diagnostics and then to bootload and check the contents of the card. It showed nothing. He said I might have to send the units in which I don't really want to do because they both work perfectly.

So all I'm asking, has anyone else experienced this or had trouble updating to version 30? Thanks for any feedback.


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