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Pradipta Dutta
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Agree, Leonard needs help

Marc Heijligers wrote:

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

You have written this so many times that you really don't have to repeat it any more. What baffles me is how thick skinned you are. You have been ridiculed numerous times for your monolithic blabbering. But you never stop. Secondly, many a times forum members have asked you to show what is the right way to test AF. But you conveniently ignore those posts. You are really getting on many people's nerves Leonard.

It's beyond the level of nerving , it is insulting to all of those who take the matter seriously, and are looking for some help on this forum.

His ignorance goes even one step further, Leonard even bashes real-life AF tests of Nikon themselves:


Leonard presents himself as a knowledged person about auto-focus, but besides a reference to some generic page in a manual, he has not contributed a single technical argument so far that could hold some simple logic reasoning, or could hold after some very simple practical test. He is empty handed, but keeps on creating a lot of egocentric noise with his so-called AF expertise, accusing people not having their act together based on flawed interpretations of samples. Whatever feedback you'll give to him, he will continue his lonely and flawed crusade (Asperger Syndrome?). It looks for Leonard this forum is more of some kind of help to him personally; legitimate in today's anonymous internet, but unfortunately at the expense of insulting others...

Totally agree. This guy, Leonard, needs immediate help. But since he hides behind the internet that will be tough to come. But it is becoming increasingly irritating reading his posts. Truly speaking he has very poor knowledge about AF. And secondly, he makes up numbers on the fly. He really needs help.

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