Is it me, or my 450D? Focussing and image quality

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: +1 what WilbaW wrote.

What camera is that?

R2D2 wrote:

I use One Shot AF every now and then to see if it's improved with this body or that, or this new lens or that. But I've always been most successful using AI Servo for Everything. Kids playing, Still-lifes, BIFs, Macros, Flowers, Scenics, Sports, Critters, Clouds, the Moon! It just plain works for me (YMMV of course).

And I always use Single Point AF (this is what the OP needs to try IMO). Aim for the eye. Keep those shutter speeds up (bump up ISO and process with Noise Reduction if necessary), Use an appropriate aperture, and Voila, keeper percentage will go through the roof.

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