S1, S2, S3, S5 Wednesday thread 2012.11.14

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Thanks so much for the link,

Even if you don't use them often it's good to have them in case they serve a special purpose.

Yes, better one Program more as one to less.

Sorry to hear your S5 was stolen. I've been so fortunate over the years never to have been robbed. Can't imagine what it feels like.

Thank You for Your Compassion.

Carsten, when you need camera gear, i.e. cameras, tripods, flashes, flash brackets, etc., do most Europeans buy locally or does it make sense to buy from large US retailers like B&H or Amazon and have the item shipped?

If have some Years ago buy a refurbished FinePix F700 from the US, because here in Germany it was not possible at this Time to buy the Camera.

Oh... ...and i have buy 2-3 Lenses from the EU, some Camera Parts from Asia and so on, nothing special Today.

From Amazon Germany i have buy some Things.

I Think the most People must Today look a bit more on her Money.
Sure it is OK to buy Locally, but the most Time i need some important "Things" there have it not in the Shop and i must it Order from the WWW.

So why should i Drive and Spend some Hours in the City to search some "Tings" when the Dealer must it Order ?

It is much Easier to Order it self from the WWW and save a lot Money.
To buy from a large Retailer it makes for me only Sense when the Price is OK.

Being that I live in a very small country I know that it would be impossible for a local retailer to keep all but the most popular items in stock, so for me it's much easier to order online and have it shipped. How is it for you and most people over there?

Same for me and some of my Acquaintances.

The only Problem is the Deliver Time, on my first SSD i must wait over 2 Months...
...but i Think in the next 5-8 Decades We All have a high speed 3D-Atom Printer for all what We need.

So much Leaves on the Ground now.

Regards: Carsten

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