Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

The bottleneck of today's technical standard - what is it?

- Not the computer speed, not the hard drive sizes or cost

- Not noise or sensor quality.

- Not transfer speed or after processing speed.

- Not buffersize

The camera processor capasity could be but that is solvable.

I need a light camera with high detail and fast fps for nature photos. Nikon does not have that camera today. D7000 is to slow, the build quality is toy level and the AF is not good enough. D4 has too low resolution and often too heavy for wearing long distances. I need two camera bodies, D400 for long walks in nature. D4 for closeups, and stationary work.

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