Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

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Re: Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

mike geier wrote:

I think you miss the point guys, sharpness is not a concept, its an actual fact. When one lens is sharper than another, it is clearly a sharper (better) lens, PERIOD. Justifying the differences is BS, sharper IS sharper.

This is correct. This was not a bokeh test. It was a sharpness test, and the test seems to have been fair. The first shot is f2.8 vs. 2.8, where the SEL50 was stopped down, and the Sigma was wide open. Presumably, this should give an edge to the SEL50 in sharpness. The second test was both lenses at the widest aperture (1.8 for the SEL50 and 2.8 again for the Sigma). I think this is fair. And both tests show that the Sigma is the sharper lens.

That being said, these lenses are very different and have different uses. The focal length difference is significant. I own both, and I love both of them. The Sigma 30 is sharper and is much more versatile, so it is my favorite and stays on my 5N most of the time. But if I want to take portraits indoors, I will sometimes opt for the SEL50, which is also an excellent lens.

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