Why no digital ISO50 ?

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Re: Why no digital ISO50 ?

Peter A. Stavrakoglou wrote:

The Sigma SD14, SD15, and SD1 DSLRs have ISO 50 although the settings are in the "extended" ISO range. Some Canon DSLRs, such as the 5D MkII have the setting also. Don't know about the other makes.

True, but it's compromised a bit as highlights blow out more easily at ISO 50.  Sigma cautioned, ". . . unlike the SD14's ISO 100 and above settings, ISO 50 has less headroom. This means photographers need to work a bit more carefully."  They then listed several procedures to try to reduce the chances of losing highlight information.  The review of the 5D Mk II on this site also notes almost a full stop of reduced highlight dynamic range when using ISO 50.

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