Jim cockfield can you give me link to website that rates av?

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Re: They all suck

Andreja wrote:

A lot of noise gets made over the supposed relative merits of one AV product versus another, but few (real) authorities cover the performance degradation and outright brokenness of most AV "solutions". Their kernel-mode drivers often cause mysterious resource leaks, miscellaneous delays in odd places, bizarre crashes... Oh, and they might sometimes actually find some malware.

I honestly think the time of AV is over. It's an anachronism. The future lies down the path of strict adherence to LUA principles with installation and execution of code limited to digitally signed binaries from trusted vendors.

Real-time AV filter drivers are a cure that's worse than the disease.

I kind of agree, and that's why everything I ship is signed with a VeriSign Class 3 digital certificate - just like most reputable commercial software companies do. This helps build trust with customers and users far more than the "ok" of an imperfect AV, outdated by definition if we believe Jim's 70'000 new threats per day, every day.

On the other hand, the day AV vendors start collaborating with governments agencies to help with "intelligence gathering", they may very well become the best spyware ever, with full administrative access to every computers they are installed on, and full bi-directional "call home" links so they can report and learn about "threats" in realtime... oh wait?!...

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