Does anybody still use the Canon IP3000 ? Need help

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
Sammy Yousef
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Nozzle test pattern ok? Other software?

Are you using original inks?

Have you printed a nozzle check pattern to ensure none of your nozzles are clogged?

Try different software without colour management.

I'm still using Paintshop Pro 9 to print. It was the last Jasc version and has nothing in the way of colour management from what I can tell. i had issues with my IP4000 and MP970, but I could get away with just lightening them a little either in the print profile or using curves before printing and the match wasn't bad (Certainly not spot on but much better than what you're seeing, and skin tones not ruined).

I just got a Pro 9000 Mark II. I'm finding I need to do literally nothing to get the prints pretty accurate and very pleasing. My first A3+ prints are of our wedding photos and I now have them hung around the house to replace smaller A4 prints.

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