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Recipes/Design patterns

brucet wrote:

A 'Cheat sheet'? Too many variables. Being an 'old' software programer may I suggest a 'Flow Chart' may be more appropriate?

I'd be concerned about the size of the flow chart, and how camera specific it was.

How about a set of recipes, per situation - one version could be very camera specific. Another could be more generic. Or you could combine the too for a set of "if camera has feature do x" statements. Ever read or referenced the Numerical recipes books? (These days you'd tend to call them design patterns, but it's the same idea really).

I still like the idea of a check list. It works well. I also have a background in flight simulation (for entertainment, not professionally) and I've seen checklists work very well both there and in photography. A check list could be part of a recipe/pattern.

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