Voigtlander 90/3.5 or Nikkor 85/1.8G?

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In a real wolrd...

anotherMike wrote:

As for the super expensive Zeiss 55 - no need here. I simply don't shoot at 50mm enough to justify it, and when I do, I'm never wide open or even near it.

Yeah. Lens greed talking out of me... Probably would never be able to justify it in a rational world. But since I almost died in a hospital last month, things can get a very different perspective. Why keep saving, why not enjoy it now (or asap)? So, sorry, I was probably not very rational about this über lens from an everyday perspective. I currently shoot with the 16-85VR on a D300, but am pretty much fed up with geometric distortions even if this lens counts for the better ones on DX. So in my mind I started gravitating towards primes in hope of less distortions. From here, the future Zeiss 55 was just a "small step".

But coming back to the real wolrd, and when I shift to FF, the 24-70 will likely be the most rational solution for me. Things that people, including yourself, write about it, and the pictures I get from friends who have this lens, heavily comfirm this impression.

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