New Cameras; NEX 6 with Nikon J2; XZ-2 and RX100

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Re: A question re: XZ-2

logbi77 wrote:

I don't know if you were able to play with the XZ-2 but I have a question.

How is the AF speed compared to RX100 and the PEN with say 14-42mm II lens?

The PENS (EPM-1 series and above) will be much faster, no contest.

The RX100 is just a 'wee' bit faster.

The bokeh are similar; colorwise OLY has their signature colours.

I have the RX100, and after strong consideration (size of the whole camera), I feel it'd be a better investment to go RX100 especially since I use EP3s and OMD for more important work.

BUT the XZ-2 will always stand in that shop, daring me to buy it.  That's one item I don't want to look at again lest I pull my card out for it.

The inbuilt ND filter is a winner! SONY should learn from them.

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