New Cameras; NEX 6 with Nikon J2; XZ-2 and RX100

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Re: New Cameras; NEX 6 with Nikon J2; XZ-2 and RX100

marike6 wrote:

I loved my XZ-1, and I'm certain I would like to own an XZ-2, but why do you think it's build quality is so much better than the EM-5. I know there is some criticism about the EM-5s buttons, but I handled the E-M5 at B&H it is a solid block of magnesium alloy.

What is it about the XZ-2 that you find superior build-wise than the EM-5?

How do I describe it; I have the OMD and the screen, whilst not flimsy like the EPLXs, doesn't give you that 'sturdy' as hell feeling.  Do note that I am not suggesting the XZ2 is better built per se, just that when I hold it, there is virtually no play, no dangling of doors especially compared to the older PENs.  You know the OMD SD card door; imagine all doors open like that, just better dampened and with a sturdier feeling.

The XZ2's screen, makes you feel that it'll withstand any of your flips and twists.  Edit - better dampened.

Another take is the directional buttons and the scroll circle you control with your right thumb.  On the OMD - and on the EP3 / EPL2 and the EP1 - heck even the E-5 / E-30, they never gave you that reassurance that you pressed it that the XZ2 gives.  Its not the feel of stiff buttons either, its a reassuringly good press.

I read what I wrote and it seems funny to describe the XZ2 that way, but seriously, I'll say the same all over again.  The XZ-2 just rocks 'tough' and professional, even though its not waterproof.

The finishing is not the smooth magnesium alloy but rather a rougher finish that I really liked to hold.  The exact opposite to the smooth slick RX100 feel which I have by the way.  But happily so.

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