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Personally, I find current SLR ergonomics poor. They are build with grip in mind, not rest.

There's no need to reverse decades of progress. Canon were absolutely genius when they figured out that people actually use cameras in their hands. They designed a camera that actually fit into a hand of a human being, the rest of industry followed and, thankfully, never looked back..

There's no need to revert back to old cameras that were shaped like a brick with rounded edges. Those don't fit in anyone's hand.

I agree, fully. I think F3 was the first Nikon to have a more contoured grip, but even that is nowhere near enough. Looks cute and all, but it's not comfortable.

I can't even imagine what Shigzeo's hands look like...

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Janne Mankila, Finland

It certainly comes down to what and HOW you use a camera. Prior to full automation/auto focus cameras, everything was at the fingers and NOTHING had to be adjusted without taking the eye from the viewfinder - that is, except for advancing a frame or resetting the shutter for a second exposure.

That's becase there was nothing to adjust other than the aperture ring and the shutter speed. Most people missed shots because there was less automation, not more. Yeah, yeah, I know, how did pros get on, or if you're any good you don't need the extra features of modern cameras, but that is just a crock.

With the advent of electronic aperture control, the camera got no larger: but it could choose the ISO for you automatically if you had the right lens. Autofocus came along and necessitated a large battery - and soon zooms followed suit.

It wasn't ergonomics that drove the current size (yes, much bigger than previous - even a D5000 is bigger than an FE which is all about simplicity and beautiful photo-taking technology: large viewfinder.

Actually, ergonomics is a reason that cameras are the way they are. I'd rather a modern cam than my old film Pentax any day, just a slab of square metal with a lnes mounted on it was not all that comfortable to use to me. Hence I put a motor drive on it with a grip and that was the best thing ever!

If you use zooms, you need to move your left hand in and out, stroking the barrel from extended to squat. Large, heavy lenses and large, heavy, awkward bodies are ineluctable. That is the only time I see the new 'ergonomic' designs being helpful or actually ergonomic, at all. Apart from that, they are less stable in the hand, heavier, worse on the body for anything but sports photography, and harder to frame (worse on the eyes).

Current SLRs are only good for full automation. They are the largest, and best point and shoot cameras ever.

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As I said, it comes down to HOW you use it. Today's SLRs are much larger than yesterdays are. For Manual lenses, they are worse in every way: smaller viewfinder, finger wrap grips, heavier, bulkier, and more buttons to accidentally push.

Automation is fine, but there is NO camera for people in the F camp who just want a simple camera with a large viewfinder and no profusion of unnecessary buttons. Today, you can miss shots and yesterday you could miss shots. The difference is that you can delete what you don't need now. Had the same technology: great viewfinders, small cameras, small lenses been applied directly to the digital scene, mirrorless probably wouldn't be as strong a contingent as it is now.

But, cameras got larger, and lots of (especially males) thought that the bigger the camera, the better. It reminds me of something else, really. I was in that camp when first I got my digital. I wanted it to feel solid, strong, sure, and I was sure the camera was ergonomic. I think it is - for autotofocus lenses with auto everything. Having full automation, I agree that today's cameras are MORE ergonomic than yesterday's cameras. I'd not want to use and FE style body with a large automatic everything zoom - there's nothing to hold on to.

But again, I'm not arguing that point. I'm arguing for users of older, smaller lenses, that only manual focus because there is NO autofocus on their lenses, users who would have loved an FE style camera to exist with today's sensor technology.

We are a small contingent, but vocal. I'm sorry for that. You can enjoy your style of photography and me, mine. I wish that we could happily use different cameras, but... there simply is no digital camera for a user like me. Not from Nikon or any SLR manufacturer anyway.

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