How do I fix this? [5n, fdn 50 1.4, flower]

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Re: How do I fix this? [5n, fdn 50 1.4, flower]

It is not necessarily a question of whether the sensor can handle a particular colour, more a case of a scene where there is a particularly saturated object leading to one channel being over exposed, where everything else is well exposed. If you look at a histogram for the image as a whole, you will see that most the values are just to the left of centre - perfectly acceptable. If you look at histograms for your R, G and B channels you will see that G and B are fine, but R is clipping at the right hand end. Thus the brighter pixels of your rose are not showing the correct balance of colour and look flattened. The only solution is to under-expose very saturated objects and adjust them in post. A similar problem can happen with skin tones, the overall histogram can look OK, but the red channel is clipping, and it is safest to underexpose a bit, to avoid weird, off-colour skin highlights.

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