G15, SX50, Rx100, P7700....undecided

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Re: G15, SX50, Rx100, P7700....undecided


You've said "landscapes, some wildlife shots, occasional macro" and nominated four cameras falling into three different types of camera......

  • G15/P7700 - small, light cameras with 1/1.7" 12mpx sensor and fast zoom lenses of moderate zoom length.  Pocket-able.  Will take the landscapes and the macro, but not really long enough for wildlife (unless they're big or close).  Canon has 80% OVF and Nikon has none. 
  • RX100 - small camera with much bigger 1" sensor, huge 20mpx resolution but more limited (3.6X) zoom.  Pocket-able. Better IQ for the landscapes and low light, but shorter reach.  Probably not quite as easy to do the macro (since its DOF is narrower than the Canon & Nikon).  Definitely won't do wildlife unless it's an elephant at the zoo.  No VF.
  • SX50 - bigger camera with smallest sensor of the four (1/2.3"), stunning wide to very long zoom that's a bit slower than the others.  Significantly bigger body and weight - 600gm - and definitely not pocket-able.  Will do everything, and has the best VF system of the four (100% EVF) but there may be IQ compromises with such a small sensor and huge zoom range compared to the other three (and the RX100 in particular).  Any compromises may be irrelevant if you don't print large prints.

I think this comes down to your personal preferences and priorities........ They're all good cameras, but you have to choose your set of features and limitations for your photography.  Only you know best where the balance lies......

If landscapes are your clear priority with occasional macro then I'd look at the RX100. You'd pretty much have to give up the wildlife hsots......  (You could also possibly consider its main competitor, the G1X, for landscapes - it has a bigger sensor again - but that would require accessory close up lenses to do the macro and still won't touch the wildlife).

If you insist on being able to have the capacity to photograph wildlife in their own habitat, as a deal maker, however occasionally, then the SX50 may well be your best bet.

Quite apart from all this analytical thinking, there's probably no substitute for liking a camera in the hand  - how it feels, responds and appeals.  I'd visit a good local store and check them out in the flesh.

Enjoy your decision making.

Cheers, Rod

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