Does the ignore list on the new interface working?

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Re: Not working for me either.

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

xfz wrote:

I STRONGLY request DPR to re-enable this feature. And also STRONGLY recommend that for someone that is on one's ignore list, his EVERY POST will automatically have -1 rating applied. For example, if an user with user account on 10 people's ignore list, his every post will start with "-10" rating to begin with. As a counter balance, there can be a favorite list that automatically does +1.

By doing this, the trolls will hear the voice of silent majority.

I agree, I think if we could see how many people have whatever person on their ignore list, that might encourage those people to rethink the quality of their posts, the validity of their information, their posting style, or whatever it is that a significant amount of people want them ignored for.

The flip side is that people add people to ignore lists for the wrong reasons, for no other reason than to see their posts discredited unnecessarily. If it went the other way too (for example average number of likes maybe?) people would be further encouraged to produce high quality posts.

Interesting idea though.

My ignore list works, but they are just greyed out - I can still unfortunately see their posts.

but nobody forces you to read them, just ignore them the way you would do in real life.

somehow it seems that people follow/read the things they post whilst knowing better. ( in their opinion ).

example: most people know who the trolls are ........ but they still keep feeding them.

must have something to do with human nature/ internet.

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