"Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

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Re: "Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

At the end of the day it's your call but I am in similar boat as you upgrading from point and shoot. For me it wasn't even a question of DSLR as I wasn't going to haul that stuff around. It's like a friend of mine recently went to Europe and i asked about taking his dslr and he said I am not hauling that around and bought a point and shoot just for the trip. If this was an m43 or NEX line I think it would have joined him on the trip.

For me the only question was m43 Oly or nex and for now I am going to try the nex. Check out the cameras I mentioned and look at the samples the function and the size and make an educated decision vs a dslr. Good luck!

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