Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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J Mankila
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That is not the point...

lancespring wrote:

J Mankila wrote:

lancespring wrote:

Being limited to a max shutter speed of 1/4,000th is not going to prevent anyone from being a good photographer.

I've seen a beautiful shot of a bird with such fast strokes that 1/4000 couldn't have stopped the motion, and 1/8000 was the answer. That's what the photographer said and I believe it. Not having shot the photo, or having some motion blur in the wings wouldn't have kept him from being a good photographer, but he was thankful of the fast shutter speed. Engineers at Nikon pushed themselves and the photographer pushed the boundaries of photos of that particular bird - that's progress.

There, your argument is officially busted.

Sorry, but your argument is totally pointless. Neither anirbana nor I are even photographing hummingbirds.

That is not the point. The point is, as I said in my first post, that you don't want to or can't take advantage of the technological progress. That, however, is not the fault of the new generation of photographers who are willing to embrace the current technology to the same extent that you did, back in the 60's or so.

Why you think you weren't spoiled brats back then compared to the photographers of the 40's is beyond me. You had 1/2000 shutter speeds for heaven's sake!

Look into the mirror.

You guys sound like a bunch of spoiled little children, demanding that their parents give them the latest and great version of a product, or throwing a tantrum otherwise.

That is a silly argument, and untrue, also. If you re-read my writings in this thread you will notice that it is, indeed, your own projections and imagination that has given you that impression. It has nothing to do with reality.

If you think that photography is having the fastest this, the highest resolution that, etc.., then you certainly have a most perverted and twisted view of the hobby.

No one is saying so. If you re-read my post, you'll notice that I referred to an experienced photographer, not my own experience.

All your arguments are baseless and false. But keep it coming.

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Janne Mankila, Finland

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