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Re: Fuji X10 New Sensor - another sunset

It's a very interesting point that you're making here, Max. I'm curious, though if there's some backup for such claims. If I understand you correctly, you claim that after starting delivering cameras with new sensors (somewhere in May, IIRC), Fuji continued to improve sensors, so that sensors produced in September (lets say) are better than those produced in June.

I'm asking you this because I'm in the situation of buying a new camera after my old & reliable LX3 broke. Fuji X10 would be my first choice, Lumix Lx7 the second. If you're right,  should I ask the seller when the camera was produced? Should I look for specific serial numbers?

I haven't followed the discussions on this forum for quite a while (from the times when white orbs were hot) and maybe the answers are already provided. In this case, I apologize!

max metz wrote:

Compared to many my sensor change was one of the latter ones, my understanding is that Fuji didn't just produce one new sensor for the x10, they kept trying to improve the technology and this resulted in a number of replacement sensors - each bettering the one before.

Thanks for looking.

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