Am I the only one having trouble doing a simple "reply with quote" to a post?

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Re: Am I the only one having trouble doing a simple "reply with quote" to a post?

tko wrote:

What the trick? I use "reply with quote," but my reply starts in the middle of the original post, and is marked up as part of the OP - red and with a vertical bar. Can't edit the post to get my reply to a black color and separate. Tried home, cntrl up, del, backspace. Then, when I "posted" the spaces I carefully inserted between my reply and the OP went away. Oops, a preview function would have helped.

I pressed return here to open up a space and typed.....

Used to be able to use different levels of > to show replies to replies. Now there's no way to change front color or front. No italics. No preview. Other boards using canned software give you colors, different levels of replies, previews - even real and more smiley faces -overall, a lot more power.

Is there a tutorial on how to post a reply? How to add HTML code? Tables? Colors? I mean, the forums are really the backbone of this site (reviews? what reviews?), so it's important to get them right.

Then clicked down at the bottom and started typing.  Firefox 16.0.2 Win7.64

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