6 month cruising Europe with only the x-100

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Re: 6 month cruising Europe with only the x-100

mpilon wrote:

The big bag with fancy lenses stayed home... Extensive traveling with limited (read here one, 1, uno) focal length began. I went in England and France. Having only one Prime lens destabilize routine, promote new perceptions, enhance creativity AND, at times, frustrate.

Back home, I went through time, through 12 years and thousands of pictures. I conclude that our eyes have no zoom and that ideas create perspectives. This exercise (travel with only a prime) elevated my perceptions of surroundings and my abilities to capture feelings and emotions.

To cope with the frustration part... I bought a E-X1 !


see x-100 in Europe on http://www.flickr.com/ma_muse

Very nice Marc, some nice photos - I agree with you, the fixed lens really helps you look at things differently (more creatively) it certainly helped me.

J'adore mon X100! J'espère que tu va aimer le X-E1 aussi, tu as choisi quel objectif?


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