Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Re: Wrong.

FTH wrote:

3. Aperture control in movie mode- I know there is no way to overcome this other than a firmware update (that too subjected to hardware design). Is there any hope on Firmware side?


This is why self proclaimed tech geeks are getting over my nerves here, because most of them actually don't know anything about technology and just spend their time speculating about tools they don't have and never used. Not accusing you here, just saying that this is the result of repeating stupid things that someone assumed and became by the magic of those forums, a "technical evidence"...

This issue is actually on his way to be solved by Nikon by a simple "firmware" update, it has strictly nothing to do with any hardware limitation. ( it will be solved thanks to a petition that we have sent to the main department)

Hey again. It's good to know Nikon are starting to become a little more able to listen to customer's in this sense for updates to cameras. Canon seem to be much more susceptible to it up until now, they updated the firmware with real user improvements for alot of cameras - take the 5DII for example - added functionality.

One thing I don't get with Nikon is why in bulb mode in any of their cameras you can't tell the camera to expose for say, 2,3 minutes (or whatever you want), without the release? It would be the simplest of electronics but they never give an update to do this. You are limited to 30 seconds or holding the damn button down causing camera shake. I have a remote, but really with a 4 second delay mirror up and this function you wouldn't need one. Perhaps I answered my own question. And bracketing, I want -2, 0 +2. Not the current where I have to take 5 shots to get 3! What the heck is that? There are alot of stupid things on all Nikon's cameras that need updating and modernising IMO.

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