What computer/monitor is best for a beginner photo editor?

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Re: What computer/monitor is best for a beginner photo editor?

mjones78 wrote:

Hi there,

to be honest if your a "beginner" at photography and are starting out with an image editing program such as photoshop then you dont need the very best PC/Mac or monitor package. Unless your a professional then any mid range machine should suit you. If your using Photoshop Elements or other budget or free version of the program then the demands it places on yoru computer wont require a ridiculously expensive spec. You may find that machines at the lower end of the price range will run slower but again, unless your shooting with a 21 mega pixel camera it should still run okay for a beginners needs. That said, a good monitor is obviously required if you want to do serious editing work and are preparing images for professional print. Most LCD monitors these days are pretty good in terms of colour range, contrast, sharpness, etc although you will have to buy (and learn to use) a monitor profiling device if you want your on screen images to match your prints. Considering, in the nicest possible sense, that yoru a begginer and have a mid range camera you wont need, imo, an expensive monitor. Stick to the known makes and you should be fine.

When it comes to the age old PC versus MAC question we could debate on here for ever Some peopl use Macs, others use PCs. there are advantages and dissadvantages of both. PCs have the advantage that you can do other things such as play games, buy easily avaliable software and so on. where as a MAC is designed more for serious work and there are few games avaliable (if thats what yoru into) and the software does tend to be more "specialist". Personally i use a PC and im very happy with it. For a biginner starting out in photo editing a mid range and a 20-22" monitor should be fine. Considering your current situation i wouldnt pay a fortune for a specialist monitor, save yoru money for things such as a monitor profile device and decent printer.

I couldn't agree more, this is very sensible advice in my view..

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