Are off camera fllash cords interchangeable? Olympus/Canon?

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Thank's for the info

You have been brave enough to test. Now I'm a believer

I, on the other hand, use flashes mostly in TTL or RC-modes. Works fine for me.

The T32 flashes are mostly used on flashstands with umbrellas or other modifiers, and triggered mostly either with radio-control or flash-light-sensors - and on manual mode, metered basicly by a separate flash meter and a test. About any flash can be used that way.

The setup I wrote earlier (for extra power in churches or some other large rooms) is like this:

1. FL 50 on camera hotshoe, TTL-mode: adjusts the final exposure. Sometimes with an softener, if I need to shoot close-ups.

2. T32 on OM-power bounce grip, (extra batteries!) on the left side of E3, aimed mostly to the ceiling. Full power (mostly). Triggered with a pc-cord.
- We usually have white ceilings here in Finland, so the ceiling behaves quite well as a reflector.
- every (powerful) flash that can be triggered with a cord somehow would be useable like this, with some flash grip. I just happen to have these...
- softens the shadows in the background, adds some naturally reflected light to the shot, highlights the hair in changing situations...

3. This setup needs always some pre-testing to find the perfect shutter-speed - aperture - iso (->available light) combination. Setup is very useful in situation, where you can't exactly know where the happening / subjects are going to be, or you can't set up the flashstands (parties, all kind of happenings etc).


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