Overcoming some of the limitations of a D600

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Re: Missing my point...

J Mankila wrote:

lancespring wrote:

Being limited to a max shutter speed of 1/4,000th is not going to prevent anyone from being a good photographer.

I've seen a beautiful shot of a bird with such fast strokes that 1/4000 couldn't have stopped the motion, and 1/8000 was the answer. That's what the photographer said and I believe it. Not having shot the photo, or having some motion blur in the wings wouldn't have kept him from being a good photographer, but he was thankful of the fast shutter speed. Engineers at Nikon pushed themselves and the photographer pushed the boundaries of photos of that particular bird - that's progress.

There, your argument is officially busted.

Sorry, but your argument is totally pointless.  Neither anirbana nor I are even photographing hummingbirds.   Hummingbirds don't even live in much of the world.   So even if a photographer had a desire to photograph them ( which I don't ) they would not even necessarily have access to such a subject.

You guys sound like a bunch of spoiled little children, demanding that their parents give them the latest and great version of a product, or throwing a tantrum otherwise.

If you think that photography is having the fastest this, the highest resolution that, etc.., then you certainly have a most perverted and twisted view of the hobby.

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