What Are Advantages To Electronic First Curtain Shutter

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Re: What Are Advantages To Electronic First Curtain Shutter

MerliKnight wrote:

I read that one individual is hesitant to get the a57 because he doesn't know if it has an electronic first curtain shutter.

What advantages do you gain with having that? or what disadvantages do you suffer if the camera doesn't have it?

you can read here,


and here


YoniDM put question said,
Beautiful capture of the moon. I do astrophotography as well with a Sony NEX 5, but I never get the moon as sharp as this. The vibration the NEX makes when shooting an image always blurs the image. Did you have the same problem, and/or do you know a workaround?

Latent0Image replied,
I purchased the NEX-5N because it actually offers LESS vibration than other interchangeable lens cameras, (such as my Nikon D5100). The NEX-5N has a first curtain electronic shutter option which reduces the vibrations from the focal plane shutter.

Also, Canon tell us,
the electronic 1st shutter curtain method
This method can ultimately drive away the lastly rudimental image-blurring from the vibrations of the 1st curtain of the focal plane shutter. The sensor's imaging resolution fully shown up, and is the better sharpness.

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