Why 'Stops' for exposure?

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Addendum: Human/Machine Interface Factors.

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You deny that you are fixated on resolution - but you are at the same time fixated upon and desiring of accuracy (these are indeed two different things)..
Probably a better way to put it is that you are desiring much high levels of control adjustment resolution in order to attempt to achieve a high level of potential adjustment accuracy..
Shutter Speed is likely controlled by divide-by N/M counter circuit from a high freqeuncy clock-reference oscillator, and could likely be digitally controlled with potentially high resolution..
F-Number (aperture diameter) is controlled by stepper-motor drive, and may well have lower limits on the possible adjustment resolution dictated by the stepper-motor assemblies used..
ISO Gain adjustability to high resolution levels would depend upon the ability for the system to digitally multiply/divide the resulting digitized image-data. For image-sensors with on-board ADCs, there may (possibly, by inherent design) exist lower limits of adjustement resolution.
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