Floral Portraiture - D800E - Lens and Lighting

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Re: Floral Portraiture - D800E - Lens and Lighting

I would make two suggestions...

Primarily I think you need to work on the background.  You need something MUCH less busy, and I would also recommend something brighter than the flowers rather than darker.  A well lit wall or even a window far off and out of focus could work.

Also, I really don't think that there is any reason at all to stack focus.  Flowers do not need to hold detail, and would look very pleasing with a very small depth of field (even if you are selling them).  Look at food ads, the food is rarely totally sharp.

I would also recommend very soft lighting with a strong direction for this, likely from directly to the side or perhaps just slightly in front of the flowers.  You could very easily set this up without any additional equipment - you could just shoot near a window with some diffusion or with indirect light.

Not sure if that helped much, but good luck.

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