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Why the OES-M is such a great camera...

Peter Bendheim wrote:

My own EOS M arrives this afternoon, but I've been spending some time playing around with it instore before laying the money on the table.

I actually went into my local store intending to actively dislike this camera.

I put my money down the moment I got to handle it. It's a wonderful camera!!! I really can't wait to get more time over Christmas-break (I'm in Australia) to handle it more on beaches, the zoos, the forests and with family. It doesn't replace my s95 or my G1X but it certainly allows me to leave my other DSLRs at home and just carry a specialized lens or use it as a specialized camera. And talk about a great camera for quiet, non-invasive photography! Some claim it's not ideal for street-photography but I completely disagree. You can also aim and snap a shot whilst not having to line up the focus directly... just touch the screen where you want the camera to focus and it will even snap the picture the second focus is locked.

I've only used the 18-55 kit lens, and if set up correctly, I have to say that with this lens on the issues of AF speed I think are vastly exaggerated.

They most certain are.

Be aware also that the speed of the AF and the burst rate for multiple shots varies depending on the lens used.

The 18-55mm M lens that you used has a burst rate of 1.7 shots per second.

But an EF lens will offer a burst rate of around 4.5 (or 4.3) shots per second. I don't know why this is.

The Autofocus is certainly different from one lens to another. I just shelled out $5000 on lenses for this camera which I will be collecting next weekend. I'll report back in and let your know how my preferred EF lenses work with it.

It's not blazingly fast, by any means, but it's certainly not inadequate at all. Really it isn't. For a small beautifully built camera with a sleek aluminum lens that's not much bigger than my S95, I think it works darn well. If you expect it to focus like a sports/pro DSLR, then I think it's your expectations that need to be managed, not the camera.

It really shines using the touch screen to select a focus point and then take the shot.

That touch screen (I turn OFF the one-touch capture feature) is actually quite impressive. For me to be able to slide the targeting reticule around with my finger or thumb until it sits where I want it is absolutely brilliant.

Note also the 1x 5x and 10x image zoom (bottom right corner of the screen) which allows you to zoom in on any target to decide if it's correctly focused where you want it. You can then fine-tune the focus if it's not quite right.

Consider this ---- using a DSLR, even my Nikon D3s, I have to peer through the OVF and move the focus selector around until its where I want it to be. Or alternatively, I need to use the central focus point, focus and then recompose. All this can take a few seconds. With the EOS M, tap the area you want to focus on and the camera will take the shot.

You can tap the screen or, as I like to do, you can actually slide that reticule around. I really like it! Much more than I thought I would.

So while it might take a bit longer to get focus, I think that it chops off time actually selecting or moving focus points around or recomposing on a DSLR.

Yes, that's very true. The 18-55mm M lens you use is the fastest of the two lenses released for this camera but I'm finding that the focus speed is dependent on both the lens and the lighting involved. Also, another thing I found is that when you lock focus and then go to take a second or third picture, the focus lock is much faster for each subsequent shot. And it's very accurate with focus as well. That's something all reviewers agree on.

If I could change one thing, it would be to allow me to make the vertical targeting reticule (the rectangle that defines the AF point) smaller or even horizontal. Should someone stumble on a way to do this, let me know. I don't think it's an option but Canon sometimes hid little features inside the software so perhaps it's in there.

For much of the work I do - and no, I don't do action photography, I think the EOS M will prove to be a great little camera, and in black, it's pretty unobtrusive.

It's VERY well built. It has elegant lines (in terms of cosmetic design) and it's quite a robust little camera. The body itself is dwarfed by my G1X. That alone shows why it's a great alternative for people who want the features of a DSLR lens but don't want to fork out big on a body.

One other thing: I tried shooting some video with it last night and I was pretty stunned with the way this camera produces such stunning video using EF lenses. I could also lock the exposure by touching the little symbol on the screen. What a great little tool this is!

So, unlike all the armchair haters, why not try it for yourself before shooting it down in flames. More to follow when I've had some time. I leave for Turkey on Tuesday, and the idea of leaving the D3s at home is certainly appealing. Let's see.

Good luck with your trip to Turkey. You should get some memorable shots while you're there. When you return, there ought to be an EOS-M forum set up so you'll have to share some of your pictures with us.

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