Macro Lens to shoot Jewelry....

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Macro Lens to shoot Jewelry....

When we look at diamonds and other gems, we try to get the light almost directly behind us so that the internal reflections in the gem come straight back. In other words, the angle between the light source and the camera should be kept small for this kind of shot. That is only possible with a long lens at a long working distance. The new Sigma 180 mm is brilliant but expensive, and you might have to be careful with flare.

Your APS-C setup would be better than full frame because it has a longer working distance for a given framing. It would be fun experimenting with light sources (more than one?). Something close to a point source would give more sparkle. It would be important not to blow out the specular highlights because they can have brilliant colours due to the gem's dispersion.

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