I wonder why the DA 18-135 has so little credit at photozone

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Re: I wonder why the DA 18-135 has so little credit at photozone

mur_phy wrote:

Don't know why the lens has "so little credit ..." but both my wife and I use the lens and did these images last week at Ball's Falls.


Earlier in the summer some images at Biltmore were done with the 18-135 lens and some with the 55-300. Both lenses work perfectly fine in my opinion.


Having used Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus and now the K5, the search has ended and both of us are more than happy with the results from the jpgs we do with the K5.

mur_phy, if you read my two previous posts to this thread thoroughly, I don't believe I added to the "so little credit..." song about the 18-135; I merely stated that it has its limits as to edge sharpness over much of its zoom and aperture range, as correctly reflected in the tests by both Photozone and SLRGear.  As I stated, if you use the lens within these limitations or in situations that don't require absolute sharpness across the whole image, the lens is fine and both my wife and I enjoyed using it last summer.

I down loaded the first of the images of your second link as at:  http://dropcanvas.com/77emw/1, and this is a case in point, and is a demonstration of the lenses weakness if one is "picky":  although shot at a zoom focal length of 53 mm. that is reasonably within the lens's best performance range, it is slightly soft in the corners with an aperture of f/4.5 rather than f/8 and to stop the lens down further would have likely required that the ISO sensitivity be raised from 200 to about 800 for an optimally sharp hand held image.  Scanning through your other linked albums, I suspect that many of your other images have the same characteristics:  either they are landscapes shot in the lenses best ranges of aperture and zoom focal length, they are images where the loss of sharpness in the edges or corners wouldn't be noticed as in "flower shot" semi-macro type images, or your use of the images doesn't require tack sharpness to the edges and corners.

My wife's and my use of the 18-135 is the same - yes we get a lot of good images but if one tries to use the lens at it's extremes there is quite a lot of softness at the edges and corners.  In all other respects we are very happy with the lens.  We also enjoy our 55-300 zoom lenses, which don't have as much of a softness problem toward the edges over more of their zoom and aperture range.

Indeed, the K-5 is an excellent still photography camera and my wife and I enjoy ours as well, and when matched with extremely good lenses such as the 40 or 70 mm. Limited's, the results are outstanding right across the image area.

Regards, GordonBGood

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