D800 storage card options

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Re: D800 storage card options

GregWCIL wrote:

Thanks Bill for your thorough reply. I hadn't thought about the computer download time issue.

Hogan made several good points - including comments on card sizes. I hadn't read that card size affected image review time.

We tend to think of 8gb cards as small, but it would hold 200 compressed NEF files. I'd hate to lose even that many.

When you are traveling, do you tend to keep your original files on the card and keep lots of cards, or do you download to some other media or laptop in your spare time?

I'm never away from my home base long enough (more than a week or two) to need any backup devices. But I have enough CF and SD cards to last me a couple of months anyway, so I just carry a few more cards than I think I'll need. BTW, I haven't found that my 32GB CF cards introduced delays in review time, but then I haven't really filled any of the cards yet. I also haven't any of Thom's experience with the D3/D3s/D3x or D4, so I don't know if they're much quicker reviewing photos using large memory cards.

Whether it was using older, slower cameras or smaller memory cards, I previously shot RAW only occasionally, when warranted. Despite the D800's much larger RAW files, it's fast enough and the large cards in the dual card slots have sufficient capacity so that I'm now standardizing on RAW to CF and JPEG to SD most of the time.

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