Obama must reject the GOP’s blackmail

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Re: Obama must reject the GOP’s blackmail

nevada5 wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

This is why you are not in touch with reality

We have a spending problem. We could confiscate all the rich people's money and it would not make a dent. OTOH - it will take money out of the economy. This will be quite harmful. JFK and RR cut taxes. The results were great growth in government revenues. As another example, Bill Clinton created the Luxury Tax. This caused a drop in spending within the economy and middle income jobs were lost. You want to rob the economy, history is on my side, you are out of touch.

Cut spending. Cut taxes. Cut un-needed regulations. Elliminate LT Capital Gains taxes. Elliminate Interest Income tax.

Actually regulate the Finncial industry. Elliminate Derivatives, naked shorting, and greatly curtail high speed Cheettah Trades.

I really feel sorrty for the US since most have no clue as to what is actually going on. Meantime, the current regime buys votes with our money, and lets the Financial sector run wild.

Mitch McConnell said during today's news conference something we've all heard before - We didn't get into this position because of a lack of revenue, but because of excessive spending.

Who will dispute that? Please - liberal or conservative, Dem or Repub - please tell us that is not correct. Please convince us that our problem is that the government does not have enough income.

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Hey, it ain't rocket surgery.
I'm experimenting with Quantum Physics and I just discovered that I can completely destr

When Obama advocates a "balanced" package of spending cuts and revenue-raisers over 10 years, his definition of balance is spending cuts in about a 3:1 ratio to revenue increases. Members of his party are uncomfortable with that proportion, still he stands with his offer and you silly repubs are not taking it...

And that's why you repubs deserve the blame for fiscal cliff....Don't change ur stand a bit and for sure you repubs will be out of house in 2014

And after bush tax cuts expire Obama will propose another cut only for under $250k and repubs will not have balls to reject that...

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