Opinion: Best form of SR for telephoto shooting.

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Re: Opinion: Best form of SR for telephoto shooting.

Lawnmower Shooter wrote:

Question: I've heard from many people that turning of IS on tripod shots is better, and it seems I have experienced that result too. Is there ever a time when hand held shooting (certain shutter speeds) that it is better to turn it off, or will I ALWAYS get better results with it on? In other words, If I have enough light to shoot at 1/8000 for example, should I turn off IS during handheld or will it still help even with that high of shutter?

It will provide benefits even with high shutter speed, though those benefits will not be as apparent.   There is no downside to leaving SR on.   Even with a tripod, its not wrong, and worst case its merely redundant.  The K-5's SR is extremely decent.   For macro work, I typically take long exposures, and never had the SR cause issues.

The ONLY time I turn the SR off is for time lapse work or a series I expect to stack ( astro ) when tripod mounted.   This is because the starting position of the sensor is not guaranteed from shot to shot and is subject to some jitter shot to shot.   But this does not impact the IQ of any individual image.

Here is an example of the jitter caused by shot to shot variance in the home position of the sensor.   Each individual shot is sharp ( these are crops ), but appear to move around as th starting position of the sensor is not exact from shot to shot.   Turning off SR or OIS allows for a repeatable FoV for each shot, which eliminates the jitter    ( Again a magnified crop. ).

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