Sony 10-18mm f/4 and 16-50mm Samples from NEX 7

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Re: Thanks Eric!

Yes the Tokina is an absolute monster but has been the best performing UWA zoom i've owned (Compares favorably even to the mighty ZE21 on PZ).

But of course, size is why the mirroless wides are of more interest to me as I weigh up which path to take.

The Olympus 12mm certainly is not perfect, but it is of course a tiny F2 lens and Photozone themselves say:

"The Olympus lens is capable of delivering very sharp results. The center resolution is excellent straight from f/2 and the border quality follows on a very good level. The corner quality is just slightly worse at max. aperture but catches up with the borders from f/2.8 already"

The SLR gear review shows better results:

The Panasonic 7-14 however (which of course is a more logical comparison) performs well (from F4) at both Photozone and SLR gear.

Believe me, I want to like this 10-18mm but will wait for more samples (The Lenstip ones actually look pretty good at 5.6), probably more on a NEX-6 as the 7 obviously struggles a little more at edges and with higher pixel density.

I just get sick of the idea of needing to stop lenses down so far to perform (Where DOF is not a large factor).

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