Add Patraeus to the list of liars...

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Re: Add Patraeus to the list of liars...

PhD4 wrote:

So now Petraeus claims he knew all along that the Benghazi attack was terrorism. Yet on Sep 14th made the claim it was the video.


Obama claims he called it terrorism the next day (which we all know better) but then went on Letterman, The View, etc... claiming it was the video. And would not answer when asked if it was terrorism.


Obama also had Susan Rice put out there on the media, on like 5 TV shows... within 5 days after the attack... claiming it's "The Video".


Why does Obama want everyone to believe this was just a spontaneous attack and not the preplanned, pre-warned attack that it was ?

What is he trying to hide ?

trying to hide

This conspiracy theory is quickly losing was supposed to be the issue that would cause Obama to lose the election...but he won. Now everyone is losing interest...(except for poor old John McCain).

How upset is Obama now that Petraeus has admitted that they knew better ?

Can't wait for the investigations that reveal more and more of this betrayal.

you can't wait.... but you're going to get coal in your Christmas stocking..

But hey.... at least people get "free stuff".

Everyone but you and Romney now know that this theory of why the Romney lost is not true...he lost because he had no respect for half of the country...and he lied about almost everything....even to himself. He said that he could fix everything, but he would not tell us any details... He said "trust me" and wouldn't even let us see his income tax returns.

The public opinion is turning more against your positions and Romney as I write this...

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