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Conservatives have aligned themselves with Israel because it supports an overall plan to take over the middle east for our oil use and mega corporate contracts. So while on an individual basis they may trend away from being inclusive of Jews for their country clubs and so forth, they do want to shill for Netanyahu's occupation and suppression of Palestinians.

Don't forget Christian Zionism aligned with fundamentalist and evangelical Protestants who support Israel because of the prophetic role of Israel in the apocalyptic "End Times"...

Yep, there's that whole 'going westward' and white destiny, etc.

They also secretly favor illegal immigration, because slave labor and subjugation of the workers is fantastic for the produce industry. That little bit of produce we still make here in the USA, that hasn't been shifted to inefficient corn and ethanol manufacturing.

Many ethanol plants are shutting down in the US due to the high cost of corn. Corn will not replace lettuce and other produce anytime soon.

I hope you're right about that... We need to stop the ethanol scam yesterday, whether its Democrat or Republican political fodder.

One aspect of ethanol is that it reduces our dependence on oil.  That happens even though we have to burn almost as much resources to produce it as it produces....so it's not all bad.

Also might see an end to that thanks in part to a surge in oil production in the USA again. I wouldn't mind seeing $1.00 gas, oh wait. We'll be selling it all overseas like we already re-sell much of our imported oil, so the oil companies and speculators can make tons of money, so I don't suppose we'll see lower prices at the pump after all. I blame both parties for that one, too.

The price of oil is set on the world wide market.  I don't believe that it matters much who we buy or sell from.

The world is running out of oil...the price will always have an upward bias....  One good thing, we are blessed with lots of natural gas...cheap too.

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