D800E landscape - moire example

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Re: D800E landscape - moire example

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I've encountered moire with the D800E, D800, and D4 even - it's just an issue with Bayer CFA's. Having said that all three seem far less susceptible to moire than the Canon 18MP APS-C sensor's I shot with prior. It's just an inevitable pitfall with using Bayer CFA sensor's, unless of course we surrender a significant amount of resolution through an extremely strong AA filter. I for one think that the current tradeoff is well worth it.

As for the D800E vs D800 - I have yet to see a single example where the D800E shows moire while the D800 does not. In every instance that I have seen (same lens, distance etc.) where the D800E shows moire, so does the D800 albeit at a lower intensity. However, that situation is analogous to a prophylactic that's 75% efficient - you pay the price, but it doesn't fix the problem.

An excellent example can be seen in the post by Falk Lumo on resolution differences between the D800 and D800E using a 24-70 (apologies, I do not have the reference to hand) where the D800 showed moire in every single location that the D800E did albeit at a lower intensity.

FWIW, even the D3200 which has an even higher pixel pitch shows moire (with good lenses) so my guess is until such time as resolution pushes us into the situation where all usable apertures are diffraction limited, moire will continue to be a problem - though not as severe a problem as had been thought even months ago.

The D3200 has only 2/3 the pixels of the D800/800E, and is therefore more likely to experience moire than the D800/D800E. Pixel pitch is not the issue, the total pixels in the image is. Think of it this way; for the same shot on a D3200 compared with a D800/800E, you have only 2/3 as many pixels attempting to resolve the same details. It's therefore more likely that you'll reach that point where detail resolved by the lens is beyond the Nyquist limit of the 24MP sensor as opposed to the 36MP sensor.

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