Should I switch from canon apsc to m 4/3rds or mirrorless?

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Re: Should I switch from canon apsc to m 4/3rds or mirrorless?

hazwing wrote:

At the moment I have a canon 600d. I haven't invested too heavily in the system at this point and am thinking of switching out. The way I see it, I don't see the canon ef-s (their apsc only mount) as being a good mount to invest in.

The recent review of the dxo-mark of the olympus epl5 has really spark my interest. In terms of sensor quality, the olympus m5 and epl5 seems to surpass the sensor on my larger and bulkier 600d. I have some question though;

The sensor's quite good.

How are the lens range in the m4/3rds system?

There's pretty much everything except for long primes, but some of them are kind of pricey. Other than cheapie kit zooms, Olympus has (and has had for a while) a policy of just not making bad lenses. If you want a great portrait lens you can pay $350 for a 45 f/1.8 that is very sharp, and if you want an even better one you can pay $800 for a 75 f/1.8 that is basically perfect, but you can't pay $150 for a "maybe good enough" portrait lens like the Canon 50/1.8.

How does the image quality of these lens compare to the better lenses from canon and nikon?

All of them are good enough; some of them are as good or better than anything Canon and Nikon make. This is no exaggeration: when Olympus really wants to make good glass they're as good as anyone in the world. (Actually, someone recently did a macro lens shootout, and the Olympus 60/2.8 was better than the best from Zeiss and Leica.) In no particular order some of the best ones are:

Olympus 12/2

Olympus 45/1.8

Olympus 75/1.5

Olympus 60/2.8 Macro

Panasonic 7-14

Panasonic 14/2.5 (if only because it's cheap, about as big as a half-dollar, and quite sharp)

Panasonic 20/1.7

Panasonic 25/1.4

Sigma 19/2.8 and 30/2.8

There's a 150/2.8 coming, a pretty good Panasonic 100-300/5.6, etc. If you don't find what you want you can always adapt Four Thirds lenses (where there really is everything) or manual lenses.

How does the focal lengths in m4/3rds translate in terms of full frame equivalent?

The crop factor is x2, so a 45mm on 4/3 has the same angle of view as a 90mm on fullframe.

How are the autofocus abilities of the m4/3rds?

Depends a bit on the camera. Olympus "MSC" lenses are basically instant on Olympus bodies: they're so fast you don't even see them focus. They're also very accurate. Some of the other lenses are slower, but not slow by any means. AF is nothing to worry about; depending on the lens it's either blisteringly fast or about the same as your Canon lenses.

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