Old lenses on new bodies - advice?

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Re: Old lenses on new bodies - advice?

SixDasher wrote:

There is a focus assist in the lower left corner of all the D600/700/800 models to assist in MF on Ai and AIS lenses. Second option (mainly for tripod use) is the liveview.

I use a lot of nice MF lenses on my D700 and D800, some are still better than modern primes

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I'z lovez my AiS'ez

Focus assist exists across the entire Nikon DSLR line as far as I know. My wife's D5000 has as good a one as my D200. My D800's is just a bit better than hers.

The only new lens we have between us is the 35/1,8 DX on her camera. All the rest are pre-ai, ai, or Ai-S though I have two Zeiss-labelled Cosina lenses, both without chips.

I use a magnifier on my D800 since the camera's viewfinder is tiny and dark. The magnifier helps a lot, bringing the size of the viewfinder up dramatically close to the excellent FE one. Brightness is an issue though.

Ai/S lenses are so much smaller, lighter, and better built than their AF-S cousins. They are cheap, too, and have lasted a long time. I love them. My flickr is shot almost completely by the likes of:





For work I use the Makro Planar 100/2, basically an AiS lens.

EDIT: as long as your body meters without electronics (any body of d7000 and above and some older bodies), then you just plug in, switch to m or a mode, and shoot. Very easy. If you have a non-metering body, then just use your knowledge of CoC and sunny 16. Not too hard. You can also chimp.

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