Nex 5R or Nex 6? Lenses?

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PDAF in mirrorless....

The 5R and 6 are both new cameras so do not expect great deals on those models for at least 3 months, likely longer.  The 16mm kit lens is not available until Jan but Sony apparently has limited stock now.

I am very interested in the focus abilities of these new models.  Info seems limited and I think DPReview may be the only review site where answers may be readily available very shortly. From what I have read PDAF in the NEX5R/6 sounds very promising.

PDAF seems to work well based on a few user tests.  One in particular had a dog running at the camera.  Focus was sharp on the dogs eyes and you could see other parts of the image go in and then out of focus, a hose in this case. There was several sequences and the tracking only    lost focus a couple of times. Based on that one post focus tracking was working, and working well.

Seems like an easy thing to judge, but obviously not. DOH! Users seem unable to grasp what the goal is.  I've seen many a post where the OP attached one image as proof focus tracking works.

The bad news is that for PDAF to work the planets need to be in line, and PDAF only works with certain lenses.  IOW's hardly the bullet proof system that DSLR cameras use.  Even Nikon has some minor glitz's.

Honestly I assumed that focus issues were a thing of the distant past, then I purchased a used mirrorless and it was shocking that it had major focus issues.  Unfortunately I quickly learned that focus problems are a big issue with mirrorless cameras.

Nikon seems to have the only mirrorless PDAF system that works well. I hope that PDAF in the NEX cameras is now a breakthrough. The good news is that focus tracking is getting major attention.  Canon is working on the technology as are Sony and Nikon.  With luck this will be a thing of the past in a couple years.

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