Nikon 16-35 loose build?

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
elliotn Senior Member • Posts: 1,445
Re: Nikon 16-35 loose build?

piolet paul wrote:

It could be the VR unit. I've had this with my Micro 105/2,8 VR, had the same shaking sound inside. A NPS rep explained what happened: The VR system stays active for a short while after releasing the shutter button. If you switch off the camera, the VR lens group isn't locked in place (like it should do) but loose, and while not being controlled the magnetic fields in the VR's system motors anymore, the lens group will shake a little. I took mine to NPS but probably switching the camera on and off, allowing the VR to stop working, may do the trick.

Strange, I was just reading the manual for my 16-35 and this is all explained there.

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