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Brian wrote:

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Brian wrote:

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How would Republicans feel if someone came into their church and told them what they could or could not do?...yet they feel comfortable telling the rest of the population what to do.

Don someone has already gone into someones church and told them that they could not practice something along the lines of marriage. The U.S. government banned the practice of plural marriage which was directed straight at the Mormon church.

So the precedence has already been set. So if the gov can dictate to one group of people that their marriage practices are illegal, then why not another?

Brian, I think that very soon the Supreme Court will rule on whether gay marriage can be denied.

Polygamy was ruled illegal partly because it was often abusive and involving underage women...gay and lesbian marriage have none of those issues.

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Then you really don't know the gay and lesbian community. And if it was about being abusive or about underage women then deal with that aspect, but I think it was more about people wanting to interfere with the practices of a religion.

Yep, no community is perfect; I can imagine some abuses in the gay and lesbian community.

...but since the US Constitution is most tolerant of all religions....from Holy Rollers rolling on the floor speaking in tongues, Snake Handlers kissing rattlesnakes to a Scientology Audit using an E-Meter electrode we pretty much allow religions to practice whatever as long as US citizens are not being overtly harmed in the process.

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